How do I get paid?

Monthly in US currency
50/50 split on sales after processing fees
Our standard rate is 50% on all web sales generated through your affiliate links. You'll also earn an additional 5% on sales generated by webmasters who sign up under your account.

How much money can I make?

The sky's the limit. The more traffic you send to our products and sites the more money you can earn.

How long will my affiliate program run?

A Lifetime. You keep your customers!
Every time you sign up a new customer at Silkcash.com, you earn lifetime commissions every time they buy from the web!

Do you have a recurring affiliate program?

Yes, you continue to collect cash as your customers return.

How can I check my account?

Log into your account from the Stats page.

IDEV – for merchandise from FallenAngel.TV
CCBILL – for memberships from Alexandrasilk.com

Can I put up multiple banners?

Yes, and we recommend putting up numerous banners for any of our products and sites. The more banners you put up the more money you make! You can use the same link code on as many sites as you would like. The link code can be found at the top of each banner page.

Do you filter website traffic?

No, we hope you’ll be ethical.

What promotional tools will you offer for marketing Silk Cash?

Look in the Promo Tools page to find updated thumbnail galleries and banners. We’re always in the background ready to help with specific requests or needs.

Do you offer a Webmaster Referral Program?

We definitely do. Place our banners on your sites and earn up to 5% CPM.

What if I want to be creepy & set up a spam campaign?

E-mail spamming is strictly prohibited. This includes e-mail spamming, newsgroups, and IRC. If you violate this term of your agreement you will be terminated from the program, you will not be paid, and you WILL be reported to the Internet Spam Department.

How can I check on my sales & statistics?

Affiliate sales reports showing product sales by date range are available online within the silkcash affiliate website. This will list total sales, but will not list the names of the purchasers, as these are confidential.

Where do you get all your silky smooth content?

We create all our own content which guarantees that everything you are promoting is fully 2257 compliant.

How long after my customer visits FallenAngel.tv or AlexandraSilk.com am I still eligible for credit on the sale?

Cookies are set at 60 days.

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